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How to make sure your agency is optimising your SEO

Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times a year. While the vast majority of these updates are minimal, some of them have a significant impact on how the search engine displays its results pages.

Knowing the dates of these major algorithm updates, helps explain the changes in your site's positions as well as the evolutions of your natural traffic.

Why outsource the optimization of your SEO to an agency?

Optimizing your Google SEO requires time, tools and skills that you probably do not have internally. Assigning this mission internally to one of your employees in addition to their usual work usually leads to sloppy and inefficient work.

Do you know the latest changes in the SEO domain that occurred last week, yesterday or a few hours ago? What are the basic trends in search engine evolution? Which sites will be affected? It does not happen one day without an update that can impact your site.

Because in spite of everything, it is not obvious to know how to reference its site, a digital agency can offer you,here, its services in order to optimize the referencing of your website.

How to control the optimization of your website by your agency?

Request regular positioning reports.Very regularly, for example, every 10 days, your agency must be able to offer you a mailing of a positioning report. This report contains a list of keywords associated with your website. For each keyword, you find the position of your website in the search results of Google as well as the evolution of this position. You can see at a glance if your site is progressing, stagnating or regressing. An overall visibility score allows you to have an overall summary of the progress of your website on Google.
Your agency can offer you external control solutions. For a totally objective analysis, your agency can provide you with third-party SEO analysis tools (not affiliated to the agency) so that you can verify the progress of your website yourself. For instance, INSIGHT, Majestic SEO, SEMrush, GTMetrix ...