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Find a Magneto expert

If you have a website with an online store, it's a safe bet that you will eventually want to go through the Magento CMS. This CMS is indeed full of features and resources: deep in technique and customization, it offers management of multi-stores, stocks, analytics ... impressive. The main criticism that you can find is its difficulty; indeed, to have such technical depth and to offer you such an effective website, you need a powerful CMS behind! This is where the Magento expert comes in. He will put his technical skills and expertise into practice on the platform to deliver and help you manage your e-commerce site on a daily basis. But who is he? We present it to you and help you find it.

Magento is a difficult platform to master in terms of technique, so it is necessary to have not only skills but also significant experience in development (web, PHP ...), because a simple training will not be enough. A magento developer is therefore a full-stack developer (from basic HTML to PHP via MySQL and JavaScript) who will be able to offer an effective solution to the creation, design and integration of your website and your online store. But that's not all: a Magento expert will also be an e-commerce specialist. Indeed, he will seek to develop your website, but also to ensure that it has visibility and, above all, that it converts its visitors into customers. Another advantage, an expert knowing magento in its different versions.