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Our software is trusted by customers worldwide

Pricing is a make or break factor in today's ultra-competitive online world. As an online php website development operator, you need to get the right software for your business. Our software is trusted by many customers because it respects certain realistic models or approaches for ecommerce pricing. A product's price is an important factor in every business ' success.

Why our software is trusted all over the world

This trust has been made worldwide because of the various ecommerce pricing policy practiced here. This internet pricing strategies has been a success from the beginning.

Cost plus pricing

This is the simplest pricing approach for online products. Here, the product's selling price is fixed at cost plus a margin of profit. First, the seller calculates the cost of making or purchasing the product. To calculate sales price, the desired percentage of revenue is added to the cost. This model ensures that all of your expenses are recovered and you gain some money for your company.

Pricing based on value

Value-based pricing means that your consumers are pleased with what they pay for your service in return for the product's value. This strategy helps to reinforce your brand image, enrich your customer base, build a good customer relationship and ultimately improve your end result.

Pricing base on competition

Maintaining track of the prices charged by competing products is a must in any company. Competitor-based pricing simply means that you are watching what your direct customers are paying for and setting the cost compared to similar products. You should definitely set the same or lower price as your competitors.

Pricing base on psychology

Over time, retailers have started to read consumers ' minds to infer that they interpret a product's value. This can enable a good pricing strategy to be created.

The loss of prices

This is a risky and aggressive pricing model and is ideal for multi-product companies. A loss-leading product is one that is sold below its value at a profit, but sold to attract new customers and sell them additional products. The vendor sells some items here at a loss to attract customers.