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Discover the most used computer language in 2021

Different people or organizations will give different answers to the question of what they think are the most used or popular programming languages for a php developer. Indeed, the term "most used" is in a way a subjective term which it is impossible to answer without adding additional parameters. For example, we could say one of the following: Are these the most used / popular programming languages? Are these the languages ​​that have the most lines of code written? Or do we speak the languages ​​of the larger GitHub community? As you can see, it is essential to define what we mean by "most used" before entering our list of the most common programming languages.

Obviously, we could list the most used programming languages ​​according to one of the thousands of sources. For the purposes of this article, we decided to use Tiobe Index, a globally recognized authority on the popularity of programming languages, published monthly by software publisher Tiobe. All stats and popularity for this article are from the December 2018 version of the listing.

What is the TIOBE index?

Since we will be basing our language ranking on the Tiobe Index, we need to at least have a general understanding of how it works and what it takes into account. Basically, Tiobe Index takes data from hundreds of different sources, compiles it and spits it out as a list.

The number of engineers experienced in the language around the world. Obviously, the more skilled developers in a language, the more popular the language will be. The number of courses available for a language. This gives an indication of the demand for a particular language, the number of people learning it, and its likely extent in the future. The search engine popularity of the language. Again, this indicates how popular a language is with the general public. The more popular languages ​​are more likely to be used.